Pine Acres Rental


Golf Rides is happy to announce we are now offering weekend, week long and month long golf cart rentals for Pine Acres Campground located in Raymond NH.  

We have not offered rentals here in the past as Pine Acres has utilized a private source that they are no longer using.  We have been asked if we would be able to offer rentals to campers coming in and have come up with a plan to do so.  


Weekends (Holiday Weekends $300 total)(1 to 3 Days): $200

Week Long (4 to 7 Days): $300 ($400 for Holiday Weeks)

Month Long (8 to 30 Days): $600

(Price includes Golf cart, Charger, Keys, Golf Rides Drop off at the Campground and Golf Rides Pickup at Campground!)

We offer 4 passenger electric golf carts equipped with headlights, tail lights, flip down windshield, rear flip down seat, top, charger and keys!  



  1. Contact Golf Rides via phone; (603)974-1468 or email;
  2. Confirm that there is availability for a rental on the dates you are looking for.  Then sign the electronic waiver located here:            PINE ACRES RENTAL WAIVER
  3. Once the waiver is signed, you will receive an invoice via email where you will be able to pay.  
  4. On the day of the rental, the keys for the cart will be left at the campground with your name on them in an envelope.  The campground personnel will direct you where to pick up the cart and where to drop it off at the end of your stay.   

Some Early Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: The Price seems higher than some other places we have stayed at for weekend rentals but lower for Week long.  Why is that?

A: We are unable to keep our rental cart on the premises of the Campground due to the Campgrounds liability policy.  Therefor, we must drop off all rentals every Friday and Pick up all rentals Monday's from the Campground.  Our normal fee for drop off and pick up is $285 and daily rental fee of $100.  WE DO NOT CHARGE PICK UP AND DROP OFF FOR THE CAMPGROUNDS!!  We raised our short term rental prices to help cover the delivery and pick up cost.

Q: Do the carts come with a charger and keys?

A: Yes, all carts come with a Charger and Keys.

Q: Do you offer 6 Passenger Golf Carts?

A: Yes, if available, we will offer 6 passenger rentals while they last at a first come, first serve basis (at a +$100 premium).

Q: If I have to cancel is there a fee?

A: Yes, cancellations will require a $10% cancel fee.