2023 VIVID EV PEAK 6 LIMO - $13595

2023 VIVID EV PEAK 6 LIMO - $13595

NEW 2023 Vivid EV Peak 6 (4 Year Warranty)

- 48V

- NEW Eco 105aH Lithium "Skinny" Battery (8 Year Warranty)(30 to 40+ Mile Range!!)

- NEW Built In Charger w/ Charger Cord

- NEW Custom Peak White Body

- NEW Custom 6" Lift Kit w/ Adjustable Suspension

- NEW Custom A/T Tires and Wheels

- NEW LED Head Lights and Tail Lights w/ Directionals, Hazard Lights, Horn, Ect.

- NEW Premium Three Color Seats

- NEW Side Mirrors w/ Directional Display on front and sides

- NEW Clear Flip Down Windshield

- NEW Aluminum Frame

- NEW Retractable Seatbelt System

- NEW Black Extended Roof

- NEW Hi/Lo Switch (Hi=Up to 25mph; Lo=Up to 19mph)

- NEW Speed-o-Meter Display with State of Charger Meter

- NEW Backup Camera Integrated in Rear Step

- NEW Rear Flip Down Seat with Built in Storage Cooler and Side Arm Rest Storage Compartments

- NEW Rear Safety Bar

- NEW USB Charger Ports

- NEW Keys