We are excited to bring you the ALL NEW LIFAN E3 QP1200DT Electric Scooter!!  This is an equivalent to a 49CC Moped!  Runs off of a Lithium Battery and has a top speed of 32 MPH.  Only $2299!!

Specs and Features:

- 3 Driving Modes:  This scooter offers 3 driving modes:
Mode #1 - 21MPH
Mode #2 - 27MPH
Mode #3 - 32MPH

Range of up to 80 Miles on a charge!!

- Cruise Control

- Electric Braking System (EBS): The Electric Braking System shortens the braking distance and recovers kinetic energy loss under braking for later charging the battery resulting in 10% increased range!

- 1200w Bosch High-Efficiency Motor: The High Performance Motor quick starts the scooter at 115N.m torque output increasing the energy efficiency ratio up to 92% while saving 3.7% of energy consumption.

- FOC Vector Controller: Independently-developed Field Oriented Control (FOC) Vector Controller optimizing the torque output delivers a quick start and boosts acceleration, climbing 12 degree slope with ease.

- Safeguard Charging Port: Instead of Conventional 3-phase outlet, the E3 introduces a concealed charging port hidden under the seat to prevent electric shock.

- All LED Lights: The E3 employs all LED Lights on the headlamp, tail light, signals and daytime running light.  Iconic design with modern technology shines with creativity and individuality even in the dark!

- Automotive-Grade Communications Protocol: The E3 applies the Controller Area Network (CAN bus) protocol typically used for electric wiring within automobiles to provide reliable and efficient transmission of communication signals without a host computer.  

- LCD Dashboard with High Intensity Backlighting: The High-Intensity LCD Digital Dashboard provides clear readings of speed, mileage, battery capacity and other real time information at a glance with four optional colors of backlighting.

- Portable Lithium Battery Pack: Weighing only 20lbs, this 60V Lithium Battery Pack allows easy swapping and charging anytime.

- 360 Degree Visible Nighttime Lighting: The 360 Degree visible lighting system provides safety for the driver during nighttime rides.  

- Battery Management System (BMS): The Battery Management System ensures real-time monitoring of voltage, current and temperature of the battery, safeguarding the cells.

With delivery expected in the next few weeks, come in and test drive our demo and reserve yours today!!